Welcome to the Wits Faculty of Health Sciences’ class of 1961’s webpage


Avinoam Bakst

MB BCh (Wits) 1961,
FCP(SA) 1976.

Bennie Himpoo

MB BCh (Wits) 1961,. MRCP (Edinburgh), FRACP (Australia).

Brian Noll

MB BCh (Wits) 1961.

Clive Noble

MB BCh (Wits) 1961,
FRCSA Orthopaedics (SA).

Cyprian Cyril Lizo Nongauza

MB BCh (Wits) 1961.

David Klugman

MB BCh (Wits) 1961, FRCS 1969, B Merit Award 1981.

Ellen Viyuswa Blekie

B.Sc. (Fort Hare University) 1953, MB BCh (Wits) 1961.

Ernie Finberg

MB BCh (Wits) 1961.

Gillian Nathan

MB BCh (Wits) 1961.

Harold Arthur Serebro

MB BCh (Wits) 1961,
M.D. Rand 1972,
CRCP 1968,
FRCP(Canada) 1972,
FACP(US) 1982,
PhD Econ UOFS 2003.

Harriette Kahn

MB BCh (Wits) 1961.
MRCPath (London) 1978,
FRCPath (London) 1980,
MD Canada,
FRCPC 1980,
Prof. U of T 1997.

Hymie Ronald Vinik

MB BCh (Wits) 1961.

Ivan Samson

MB BCh (Wits) 1961, D.C.H (Glasgow),
M.R.C.P. (London),
F.R.C.P. (Edinburgh & Canada),
L.M.C.C. (Canada).

John Leslie Eidelman

MB BCh (Wits) 1961.

Joshua Nafte

MB BCh (Wits) 1961.

Keith William Heimann

MB BCh (Wits) 1961. Wits. Ed. Rand

Leonard B. Seeff

MB BCh (Wits) 1961,

Lorna Swartz

MB BCh (Wits) 1961. BA Hon Psychology (UP) 1975, MA Psychology (Rand Afrikaans Uni)  1979, Diploma Learning Disabilities (UNC), 1981 E.C.F.M.G. Certification, 1982 F.L.E.X. (Illinois), 1984 Adult and Child Psychiatry.

Mariam Vania

MB BCh (Wits) 1961. FRCP(C)

Michael Charles Kew

MB BCh (Wits) 1961. FCP (SA) 1965. MD (Wits) 1968. MRCP (London) 1971. PhD 1974. FRCP 1979. DSC 1982

Michael Ronthal

MB BCh (Wits) 1961, FCP(SA), MRCP (SA), MRCP London), Cert Neurology (US).

Percy Walter Bryce Pease

MB BCh (Wits) 1961. FRCS.

Raymond Coll

B.Comm., MB BCh (Wits) 1961, Cert Neurology (WCMC)

Richard Gross

MB BCh (Wits) 1961.

Selwyn B. Levitt

MB BCh (Wits) 1961, M.D. (USA), F.A.U.A. (USA), F.A.C.S. (USA ).

Stanley Julius Rohald

MB BCh (Wits) 1961.

W.P (Perry) Leary

MB BCh (Wits) 1961, MSc (Rand) 1966, FCP(SA) 1966, DPhil (Oxon) 1970, DSc Med (Rand), MRCP (London) 1967, FRCP (London), FRCPI (Ireland).

Peter Arnold

MB BCh (Wits) 1961, OAM BSc

John Festenstein

MB BCh (Wits) 1961, FFR FRCR (UK)

Jeffrey Maisels

MB BCh (Wits) 1961, DSc (Rand)

Wolfe Rakusin

MB BCh (Wits) 1961, Diploma in Ophthalmology (RCPI), PhD (Med) (Wits) 1975

Sydney Biddulph

MMB BCh (Wits) 1961, FCS (SA) 1966, FRCS (Eng) 1967, FRCS Edin 1967

Mervyn Damelin

MB BCh (Rand)

John Read

MBBCh (Rand). FRCS (Edin) MRCOG APSSA. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon (Ret)

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